The railway line between Helsinki and Turku is one of Finland’s busiest lines for passenger trains.

The current plans for a new high-speed, double-track railway line will reduce travel time between the cities, bring new opportunities for growth and development, and create conditions for improving local transport connections.

In addition to faster journey times, the new line will link all the localities along the route to the Helsinki metropolitan area, creating a common commuting area for 1.5 million Finns in the western part of South Finland. The railway line will also be available to freight trains.

One-hour Turku Rail Link will strengthen Finland’s connection to the European main railway network. Choosing to develop railway transport benefits the environment and helps build a better future for Finland.

28th of April 2021: New Managing Director starts in July

Pekka Ottavainen (M.Sc.Eng.), who has previously served as President and CEO of STUK International Ltd, will start as the One-hour Turku Rail Link Ltd’s Managing Director on 1 July 2021. Ottavainen has solid experience in various major projects and in leading experts. In addition to STUK International, he has worked at companies such as FinNuclear, Voimaosakeyhtiö SF and Pohjolan Voima.

A project manager was also appointed for the One-hour Turku Rail Link, starting on 20 May. Annika Salokangas (M.Sc.Eng.) has more than 12 years of experience in planning railway projects. Salokangas has most recently worked as a project manager at the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, and before that as a head of department at Sitowise and as a design group manager at VR Track.